National Highway & Motorway Police

NHA logo.jpgNational Highway & Motorway Police:

National Highway & Motorway Police condensed NH&MP, is a police power in Pakistan that is answerable for authorization of traffic and wellbeing laws, security and recuperation on Pakistan’s National Highways and Motorway organize. NH and MP use SUVs, vehicles and overwhelming motorbikes for watching purposes and uses speed cameras for authorizing speed limits.

Fine Details of 2020:

National Highway & Motorway Police has revised The Fines in 2020. The Details Of all Fine will be Charged in 2020 are Given as Under;


  1. Motorcycle –                                          Rs.1200/-
  2. Car –                                                        Rs.2500/-
  3. Public Service Vehicle                         Rs.10000/-
  4. Heavy Transport Vehicle                    Rs. 5000/-

WITHOUT HELMET                               Rs. 1000/-

Without Driving License:

  1. Bike, Car, LTV                                         Rs.5000/-
  2. Public Service Vehicle/ HTV                Rs. 10000/-

National Highway & Motorway Police

The NH&MP is headquartered in Islamabad and drove by the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) alongside by seven Deputy Inspector-Generals (DIGs), each accountable for a different branch. The rank structure is as per the following:

Overseer General of Police (IGP) new IG (MUJEEB ALI)

Extra Inspector General of Police (Addl.IGP)

Representative Inspectors General of Police (DIGs)

Right hand Inspector General of Police (AIGs)

Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs)

Administrators of Police (SPs)

Right hand Superintendents of Police (ASPs)

Representative Superintendents of Police (DSPs)

For policing purposes, the national expressways and motorway organize is separated into the accompanying five zones, each headed by a DIG. Each Zone is partitioned into various “segments” and drove by a SSPs and SPs. Every division is additionally separated into “beats”, each drove by a DSP.

Motorway Zone (M1, M2, M3)

N-5 North Zone

N-5 Central Zone

N-5 South Zone

West Zone

Sensible range of control – SP oversees 250 officials and an ASP/DSP (Chief Patrol Officer) around 60 officials.

For ideal productivity, power works in three movements.

Power involves Educated Officers.

Accentuation is given on shrewd turnout and polished skill.

Successful responsibility and senior order responsible for offenses of subordinates.

No records seized during any infringement of traffic administers by the workers.

No obstruction from any quarter.

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Complete designation of power and obligation.

Just moving infringement checked. Power liable for traffic discipline, security of workers and starting activity in violations.

Better pay, helpful working conditions, reliable portability, escalated proficient preparing and acceptance of remote coaches are basic elements for the accomplishment of NH&MP office.

Official framework for authorization.

Close supervision and powerful direction.

Unmistakable uniform and keen turn out.

half of fine gathered on the Motorways/Highways used for street security, prizes and welfare of the power.

SOPs for every single operational action.

Reception of Ticketing System.

Welfare Projects including Scholarships, budgetary help for little girl’s marriage, entombment help, welfare petroleum siphons and uncommon quantity in employments for Shaheed’s Children.

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